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Roseate Spoonbill - Herend Reserve Collection

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From the Herend Reserve Collection, a Limited Edition collector's piece.

No. 9 of only 150 produced.

Did their flamboyant, gregarious nature come first or did their vibrant pink feathers? Either way, roseate spoonbills are known equally for their colorful, unusual appearance (that large spoon-shaped bill) and their very social behavior. The artists at Herend have adhered to a faithful rendition but have naturally added distinctive Herend touches with a sparkling platinum fishnet pattern combined with meticulous details on the feathers to draw deliberate attention to this defining part of the spoonbill.

Herend porcelain from Hungary, handmade and hand painted with 24K gold accents.

7.75in L X 3.5in W X 9.75in H