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My Lazy Eye By Jack Alterman

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Quote from the photographer: "My initial rush of enthusiasm on looking over My Lazy Eye quickly has only grown as I’ve spent more time with it. First there are the stunning images, and then even more stunning is their context, in conversation with each other. I have to say that I find most photo books having just one life – once I turn the pages, the treat is over, the discovery gone, and onto the shelf it goes – I know it’s because I’m probably more literal than visual. But this book is a constant surprise and revelation, making my lazy eye work overtime, not just investigating the images, but going back and forth between those facing each other and often flipping back a page or two to see how seamlessly you traveled half the world, and took us along, only so subtly shifting the context that we have to wonder, “hey, how did that magician get us here so suddenly?” This book is never going to go on the shelf, but will stay where I can constantly dip into it, delight my visual sense and also let me play the association game – of how one image reflects, mirror or not, the other. And I feel privileged to be able to play some of the insider games, too, like matching Mary Edna with a world view that looks like one of her works.