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Baobab Tomorrowland

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Bring the magic of Tomorrowland fragrance into your home.
The Baobab Collection - Tomorrowland scented candles are a limited edition with a gourmet fragrance and a stunning design that will transport you into the magical world of the Belgian music festival. Each candle will be accompanied by a playlist that you will be able to download exclusively thanks to a QR code placed inside the lid of the box.
A fragrance with notes of lily of the valley and moss will transport you to the phantasmagorical world of Tomorrowland in reference to the legendary tale of the elixir of life. Its design, a silk-screened print in shades of green, is inspired by the art nouveau movement as a tribute to nature, where plants and animals come together in perfect harmony.

My First Max One candle: 1 wick | Burning 30h

Max 10 candle: 4 wick | Burning 60h

Max 16 candle: 4 wick | Burning 150h

Max 35 candle: 7 wick | Burning 800h

My first diffuser: 250ML

My first gift box: candle & diffuser gift set