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September Bridal Edit

Hi friends!
I am so excited to share with you our first in a series of newsletters! 
Our goal is to become a valuable resource for you to learn and become inspired about all things bridal registry related.
Each month we’ll reach out to you with fun news from around the shop, elevated info about our products and process, and related product highlights. We hope to inspire you throughout the registry process, from first appointment, through wedding planning, to placing your final orders with us, and beyond!
News from the Shop: 
We had THREE brides come register this week! We have a saying around here: “Every season is wedding season at The Boutique”. We love welcoming both local, and out of town brides to our registry. Those who are able to come in person, get to have their picture with Ivy, our little shop mascot. It’s a fun tradition we started over eight years ago, and we love it still! 
Our bridal registry team’s goal is to make brides and their families feel welcome, and part of something amazing. Our hope is that you enjoy the process of coming in and choosing beautiful items to add to your registry. It’s fun and everyone leaves with huge smiles on their faces! The middle part, receiving wedding and shower gifts from family and friends is fun too! Perhaps the best part is making your final appointment and selections for us to complete your orders, and be sure everything balances out as far as quantities, sizes and patterns. 
Pro tip:
Order your stationery when you order your Save The  Date cards. You’ll need one set with your pre-wedding name or initials, and one set with your married name or initials. 
Also, it’s best to stay ahead of your thank you notes by setting aside time each time you receive a card or gift. If you don’t have time to write a thank you note, don’t even open it until you do. Some brides keep a gift log either in a notebook, or in a spreadsheet to keep best track of their registry gifts and when a thank you note is sent.
Product Highlight:
We hope you’ll come in soon to visit, and let us catch up on your wedding plans and memories!
With gratitude,
Lois (and Ivy)