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Love & Lemons: The Holidays Are Near

Hi friends!
Today, we are going to explore something that is very important, though you may not be quite ready yet . . . Christmas Cards!
You know that at The Boutique, we love to keep one foot in the old school, using “snail mail” paper Christmas cards which offer such a special touch for your family and friends. Don’t we all enjoy opening a crisp envelope, admiring the lining, feeling the raised lettering on the card, and reading what our loved ones have to share with us? Sometimes a small intimate greeting. Sometimes it’s a photo and a lengthy update on each member of their family. Either way, the fact that they went to the trouble of choosing a card, thinking ahead enough to have them printed, addressed, stamped and on their way to you, does evoke a feeling of love and appreciation, maybe even admiration for their efforts.
News From The Shop
Last month we received our fabulous annual catalog of the latest designs from Crane. They are all so beautiful. I wish I had a way to show you every page in this space, but I’ve included a few highlights so you may see the wide range of their offerings. 
Obviously I’m bringing all of this to your attention, because it’s very important that we get orders submitted this month, in order to assure you have time to receive them, address them, and get them posted prior to the holidays! We feel customized cards are the most personal. They allow you to add your touch on every element of your card. First, choose your artwork, then move on to the greeting, type style, ink color, and placement. You may even create a custom message if you don’t like the pre-written sentiments. If this seems like too daunting of a task, or too many decisions in not enough time, fear no. We will, as always, have boxed sets for easy pick up in the store.
Pro Tip:
If you have sweet faces you want to share, we recommend keeping a Christmas photo file on your phone all year long. In a time when everyone is making great efforts to show their “perfect” lives, let’s embrace the imperfect!  It really removes the angst of taking and choosing something while under the pressure of a deadline. Many times, friends send us pictures that we love, and make us laugh. Often our response is, “That’s this year's Christmas card photo”! We also find that the harder you try to get the perfect group, pet or kiddo photo, the greater the risk of not capturing what you were hoping. We love candid shots, more casual shots. Pics that make us laugh out loud! Since the Crane formality of cards speaks for itself, we think it’s fun to let the photo be a little more genuine. And did you know that now you may submit your photos digitally for printing directly on the card? No more need for a stack of printed photos, and removing all the little double-stick-tape protectors, stressing about whether they are straight or not.
Product Highlight:
SHOP our customizable cards. We will also be offering these same styles in boxed set form for easy pickup which can happen whenever you are ready.